At Essential Life Change, our holistic philosophy allows us to provide you with an environment underpinned by expertise, support, professionalism, and tools that will allow you to move forward in your life. 

Our holistic approach at Essential Life Change encompasses all of you, we look at spiritual disconnect, mental well being, emotional discomfort and its effect on your physical wellbeing.  Each of these areas of self, work in unison. The work that we do, automatically engages each of these key aspects of self. 


At Essential Life Change, we believe you have the wisdom and ability to change your life, yet, something is holding you back. It is important not to just address the symptoms but to address the underlying causes, as this is what will provide you the freedom to live your life. 

It is often from sharing your story that we are able to gain insight and perspective, that will enable you to make informed decisions, build emotional intelligence, empowering you to move forward in your life. 

At Essential Life Change you are the most important person within our service thus providing you with therapy sessions where you will be seen, heard, supported and validated.  To allow this, we will provide you with a safe and confidential space in a non-judgmental context in which clarity and perspective on the issues you bring to therapy can be dealt with.  It is this respectful environment that allows the benefits of therapy to unfold.

Essential Life Change offers experience in the following areas:

Relationship Issues: Addiction: Depression: Grief & Lose: Domestic Abuse (Physical & Emotional); Stress & Anxiety. Sexual Health: 

Our counselling services are offered via; Face-to-face: Telephone: or Skype.

Face-to-face sessions are paid at time of consultation.

Telephone & Skype sessions are paid before consultation

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