GROUP THERAPY PROGRAM: (Our Group Therapy Program is a weekly Program that is productive, effective and very economical)

  Group Therapy   

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is a great way to get to know you! It is a very cost effective form of psychotherapy that involves an experienced group therapist working within a group environment.  

Group therapy is very powerful. It is a space that is held by an experience Essential Life Change Group Facilitator. Each week each member shares their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, whereby insights are gain around their own belief systems and experiences.  From this, awareness of self becomes evident, whereby strengths are acknowledged and developed and adversaries are given the space and time to become mere insights for growth.

      At Essential Life Change - Group Therapy provides:    



  1. A safe space to be seen, heard, supported and validated

  2. An extremely safe way to get to know yourself intimately

  3. Teaches you how to be in relationship with self and others

  4. Benefit of witnessing someone else’s story and it’s context, brings insight into your own story, thus providing opportunity for change

  5. As the group is formed, so does trust and respect which provides a safe environment for sharing 

  6. Two hours a week, and costs less than a one on one counseling session


      How Does Group Therapy Work at Essential Life Change    
  1. Group sizes can range from 6 to 8 people 

  2. We meet once a week at a set time and place

  3. Groups can be either open or closed. In open sessions, new participants are welcome to join at any time. In a closed group, only a core group of members are invited to participate. Both can work well.

  4. So what does a typical group therapy session look like? A safe environment is set, whether these are by the group itself, its facilitator, and/or its process.  We get to see that others have same or different challenges in life.  We learn about ourselves from our sharing but also we learn by what others share about themselves.  We get to see how other members of the group address their issues, see their roadblocks to living a joyous life. Often this can be a mirror for us, thus providing great learning. These valuable insights about ourselves allow us the freedom for change.


It is through our commitment and consistency combined with willingness for change that makes group so powerful.

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