What some of our clients had to say:  

The following testimonials describe the relationship and their outcomes from working with Michele at Essential Life Change.  These testimonials have either been emailed or hand written by the following clients.


Testimonial from Sam:



Testimonial from Judy H: 


When I limped into Michele's office my life was broken.  My son, an alcoholic and drug addict, my husband and I estranged and my career on the scrapheap.  I was in so much emotional pain I had lost all interest in life.  I did not believe it was possible to crawl back from this dark hole.   

With Michele's unique counselling skills, incredible wisdom and profound understanding, she was able to guide me, painstakingly, back to the land of the living.     

My life is much better these days. My son now attends AA, my husband and I have a new and better understanding of each other and my career looks like it may take off again. Five months ago I would not have thought any of this was possible. Michele has helped me turn my life around.   

God Bless you Michele


Testimonial from David A


It is with deep appreciation that I found Michele as a Life Coach and Therapist, as today my life is very different from where it was when I met Michele. Together we have worked on key areas of my life that needed attention. Through insight and wisdom gained from working with Michele, I have been able to have direction, improved relationships, earn more money and best of all I now have respect that has enabled me to be the person I always wanted to be but didn't know how. 

Today I know what my strengths are and how to keep building on them.  Michele has a presence about her that made me feel very safe, our relationship was one of trust and respect, and from this experience, I am now a different person.  I in fact now Dare to Dream. 

Thank you